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In our early years, we thought of ourselves as a niche brand. We were sailors, yachtsmen, with our minds set on providing others like us with the best possible professional sailing wear. A fine mission, but honestly how many sailors could there be? Well, not quite as few as we thought. We did well in our niche, but our carefully chosen technical fabrics and the innovative silhouettes of our garments turned out to have an appeal way beyond our primary customers. Suddenly, we found ourselves being the pioneers of marine fashion and, literally, on top of the world. Who’d have thought! All over the world, people were walking around dressed in sailing jackets, just because they looked so good. That’s the appeal of Henri Lloyd. We are proud of our heritage. We will never let it go. That’s why our future isn’t written in the stars. It’s written in our own history. Where we have been is where we are going.

Performance is at our core. From this core we have created a collection with the highest possible function combined with design that will suit you both on and off the boat. The current collection is a great leap into the future of sailing wear combined with a large amount of respect for our history.